Statement in Support of The Bower

Statement in Support of The Bower

Where I grew up in South Sudan we minimise waste – absolutely everything is used, reused and then reused again. Developing nations have been pioneering the circular economy since long before the term was invented.

I see what The Bower is doing and it makes perfect sense to me – both environmental and economic sense. And other than reducing landfill, they assist refugees and survivors of domestic abuse through their programs. Losing their Marrickville location would have knock-on effects on The Bower’s shop in Parramatta and the services they provide to refugees based out of that store.

The Bower needs the support of the general community – now more than ever, given the ongoing legal situation. As a lawyer I have provided The Bower with some advice, but I’m speaking today as a concerned member of Sydney’s community. Attempts to remove environmental organisations from the Addison Road Community Centre are deceptive and short sighted, and don’t acknowledge the overlap between environmental and social issues.

For people who have children, or a vision for the future, we must be mindful of the waste we are leaving for the next generation. The world is to be shared equally by all of us, so we mustn’t be selfish or neglectful. I believe we should model ourselves on Indigenous people, who lived in communities with minimal waste and left the lightest footprint. I encourage everyone to voice your support for The Bower, in the hope their future will be secure. Their future and ours.

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